Ways to Get Involved


There is so much going on at Temple Beth Orr that we are sure you will discover a group or activity in which you will make friends and find a sense of community and fulfillment. We appreciate any time you are able to give, and are sure that you will find that the rewards you receive in return will enrich your life in ways never expected. Check our website for the latest events, and look over our long lists of committees. We love volunteers of every age and interest!

We are stronger when we work together. Temple Beth Orr is a place worth your time and commitment. It’s our responsibility and tradition to ensure a vibrant and active Jewish Community. What better way to make this happen than to volunteer,share your ideas, time and strengths. Get involved and volunteer today!

For more information on volunteer opportunities, call the office at (954) 753-3232 or email us at at [email protected]

Share a Gift or Talent

Temple Beth Orr is fortunate to have members with a multitude of experiences and backgrounds. While not all of us are able to give the monetary gifts we wish we could, we may have a skill or business that can be of help to Temple Beth Orr. Your willingness to offer your resources and abilities would incredibly help Temple Beth Orr.

Call us at (954) 753-3232 or email us at [email protected] if you have a skill or business that you think could help Temple Beth Orr