Free Kindergarten Religious School Program

Temple Beth Orr is excited to offer free Religious School tuition for kindergartners who have previously graduated from our ECC Jewish Preschool. This program is designed to continue and expand upon the solid Jewish foundation established during their preschool years.
Our curriculum emphasizes hands-on activities, including crafts, music, art, and storytelling, to engage inquisitive young learners. Children will sing songs in Hebrew, recite prayers, and participate in various enriching experiences. Some of the key areas of focus include:

→ Holidays and Symbols: Learning about important Jewish holidays and their associated symbols.
→ Prayer: Reciting and understanding the significance of prayers, including blessings for Shabbat.
→ Jewish Values: Teaching essential Jewish values that guide moral and ethical behavior.
→ Jewish Customs/Practices: Exploring various customs and practices to deepen their cultural understanding.
→ Songs: Engaging in musical activities to learn Hebrew songs and prayers.
→ Crafts: Creating art projects that reflect Jewish themes and traditions.
→ Dance/Creative Movement: Using movement and dance to express and celebrate Jewish culture.

This comprehensive program aims to nurture and enhance the Jewish identity of young learners through interactive and meaningful educational experiences.

If you would like more information, please contact Phyllis Lasky at [email protected] or calling (954) 753-3232 ext. 212