Rosenberg Religious School: Grades K-7

→ Redesigned curriculum allows learning in a fun, relaxed, engaging atmosphere. No more teacher desks; this isn’t school! → Our clergy have hands-on interaction with the school and the children, beginning with a half-hour family tefillah (prayer) experience every morning for grades K-7.
→ The school continues to be a one day a week program, encouraging families and students to bring balance to their lives with both Jewish education and other extra-curricular activities.
→ The core Judaica curriculum utilized is the URJ’s Chai Curriculum, a program that teaches Torah, Worship, and Ethics in an engaging and interactive style, and that deepens understanding through every grade level.
→ The purpose of our Hebrew program is to facilitate letter recognition and reading fluency in younger grades and to create liturgical connections to history, heritage and worship traditions within the older grades. Prayer is taught in a manner that stresses fluency, familiarity, and comfort with the prayer book.
→ The class day is enhanced by kinesthetic activities such as music, dance, drama, sports, and art through which the students can further connect to Judaism.

If you would like more information, please contact Jeannine Cotler at [email protected] or calling (954) 753-3232 ext. 212