About the Senior Staff

Esther Zipper

Temple Administrator

Esther is glad to be part of the wonderful TBO family and getting to know you, LIVE! Although Zoom has its great points! She does want to know more about you! Esther shares her administrative/operational experiences, having supported C-level executives for over 30 years. She has worked with all types of people from disaster clients at American Red Cross Broward Chapter to government officials and believes all have something to offer and share. She has lived in South Florida for over 45 years, but still considers herself a Native New Yorker as the early years tend to influence one the most.

She comes to us most recently from Congregation B’nai Israel, Boca Raton, with 10+ years of experience, having supported the CEO and Board of Trustees, in all areas of administration and operations.

Esther’s most rewarding moments in the not-for-profit world have been feeling she has made a difference, showing empathy, and participating in events such as Feeding the Community, Mitzvah events, helping during hurricane operations and sharing the experiences and excitement of dynamic speakers (Dr. Maya Angelou, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Chuck Todd, former Hamas leader, and many others).

Esther’s favorite quotes are “Life is What is Happening While You are Out Making Plans” and “Life is a Journey, not a Destination.”

In her personal time, Esther enjoys Toastmasters (a fun and engaging speaker/leadership club), good food and conversation, nature, health and nutrition and sharing time with family and friends. She has been told she has a great sense of humor, has been a “calm in the storm” and believes a smile and humor can help go a long way.

Esther is looking forward to meeting you in person and starting new memories.

Email: [email protected]

Phyllis Lasky

Religious School Director

Phyllis Lasky has returned to Temple Beth Orr as the Religious School Education Director after 26 years.
She was hired to work as a Hebrew Educator, with the resource of computer programs to assist students with the acquisition of Hebrew.
Her time at TBO opened her heart to a revelation; two passions, teaching Judaism and kids!

Teaching, tutoring and passing on Judaic knowledge, culture, history, etc. encompassed her days in classrooms and on Zoom.

But, she saw a need for 6th & 7th graders and therefore, had learned Torah and Haftarah trope and cantillation to tutor her B’Nei Mitzvah students.
Seeing each of my “non-biological” kids chant Torah for the first time gave me such pride, it’s just indescribable.
Phyllis joined her talent with a local Rabbi to create a Religious School and finally put all of her knowledge to the test by becoming an Education Director.
With all of the feathers in her cap, she is proud to now become part of the Temple Beth Orr family.

Email: [email protected]

Eileen Kaplan

Early Childhood Care Director

Eileen Kaplan has been in Early Childhood education for the past 30 years as a teacher, a director, a mentor, speaker and author. Most recently she has gone back into the classroom as a teacher to learn and understand firsthand the role of the teacher and the needs of the children. “I now believe I can do my job with keen sense of what is needed for the teacher, the student and the parent.”

She is passionate about the role that early childhood education has on the success of a child throughout his/her school progress. The early childhood educator lays down the foundation for the child to then grow and thrive. These days, young children are expected to know so much before they even enter kindergarten. Eileen believes that children are able to learn through hands on experiences and literature. Our focus will be emergent reading and math skills but our method will make the child want to achieve through doing.

Eileen recently published a children’s book, Adam and the Circuit Board, about a little boy with Asperger’s syndrome. She loves to do book readings in local libraries, bookstores and social interaction groups. She hopes through her book, children will become less afraid and more aware of the needs of other children.

Eileen writes: “I am thrilled to return to the staff of the Temple Beth Orr in the capacity of Early Childhood Director. Through this position, I hope to continue to build a strong sense of community with students, parents and teachers.”

Email: [email protected]