Our curriculum is designed to ensure that our young people are able to learn about their faith and culture in a relaxed, fun, and engaging atmosphere. The core curriculum is URJ’s Chai Curriculum, a program that teaches Torah, Worship, and Ethics in an engaging, interactive, and informative style. Prayer is taught in a manner that stresses fluency, familiarity, and comfort with the siddur, the prayer book, as it is commonly used in our congregation. Hebrew reading is taught beginning in Kindergarten with basic letter recognition, and continues to develop throughout the students’ school experience, so that they will have fully functional reading skills by the time they begin the Bar/Bat Mitzvah process, and beyond. The class day is enhanced with weekly music, and chugim, elective classes/clubs where the students can learn through activities such as dance, drama, sports, and art.

For our 8th-12th Graders, TBO continues to partner with the Judaica High School of Broward County, which meets right here on our campus on Tuesday nights. Information and registration materials are available from the Orloff Central Agency for Jewish Education at TBO’s 10th Graders will have a one-on-one Confirmation Class with our Rabbi, culminating in their meaningful Confirmation Ceremony.

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