THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to making Mitzvah Madness so successful!

Mitzvah Day Mission








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Slam Dunk

  • Ilayne Finkelstone
  • ABC Roofing

Treasured 36

  • Carol & Rick Glantz
  • Melissa & Sean Kenny
  • Hillary & Ross Nadelman
  • Joyce & Jerry Rubin
  • Michelle & Barry Ross
  • Anne & Richard Yagoda

Exceptional 18

  • Janean & Jeff Baumal
  • Julie & Marc Lichtenstein
  • Marsha & Alan Weston

Breakfast Sponsors

  • Northbrook Auto (Beth Kwatcher & Steven Hrenick TBO members)
  • Laurie & Andy Leavy
  • Adrienne Steiner

Community Business Sponsors

  • Orchard Supply Hardware

Community Business Partners

  • Bagels and a Whole Lot More
  • Phoenix Blueprints
  • Publix

In-Kind Donations

  • Jeannine Cotler
  • Abbe Fineberg
  • Edith Kaplan
  • Gail Kuhn
  • Gail Steiner


Mitzvah Day Committee

Janean Baumal Regina Elkin
Robin Friedman Bunny Goldstein
Irving Horowitz Renae Horowitz
Sandi Horowitz Melissa Kenny
Fran Kraft Gail Kuhn
Laurie Leavy Meryl Schwartz
Bonnie Singer Adrienne Steiner
Gail Steiner


Mitzvah Day Project Captains

Janean Baumal (Sort/Fold Clothing Donations) Jennifer Coyne (Park Summit)
Regina Elkin (Blood Drive) Judie Goren (Knitting/Crocheting)
Irving Horowitz (Torah/Prayer Book Repair) Renae Horowitz (Rabbi Gross Food Closet)
Edith Kaplan (Fleece Blanket Making) Stacy Kardys (ECC Garden)
Fran Kraft (Thank You Cards for City First Responders) Laurie Leavy (B’nai Mitzvah Projects)
Shelly Lehner (Sandwich Making) Julie Lichtenstein (Caps of Love)
Paula Pescaru (ECC Children’s Hospital Toy Drive) Tamara Ronkin (Yoga Class)
Barry Ross (Car Wash) Bonnie Singer (Challah Making)
Meryl Schwartz (Hope Totes) Adrienne Steiner (Letters to Soldiers)
Gail Steiner (Nets for Nets)

Additional Mitzvah Day Helpers

Suzanne Andisman Patty Appel
Pablo Aquije BOATY/Jr. BOATY
Scott Bagoon Jeff Baumal
Tammy Benson Laura Bernstein
Chandler Black Michael Black
Natalie Burgess Winnie Connor
Steve Feinstein Sydney Fendell
Noah Fineberg Naomi Gordon
Ed Kaplan Brendan Kenny
Liam Kenny Sean Kenny
Rabbi Klein Andy Leavy
Ethan Leavy Jason Leavy
Scott London Madison McEwen
Pablo Moscoso Hillary Nadelman
Larisa Polonsky Michelle Ross
Autumn Sheridan Ian Steiner
Lori Weinstock

B’nai Mitzvah Project Showcase

  • Leah Cotler
  • Sophie Lichtenstein
  • Rebekah Ronkin
  • Ian Steiner

THANK YOU to members of our temple family who turned out in large numbers to enthusiastically support Mitzvah Day 2017!

If your name was not included or we made an error, it was inadvertent and we sincerely apologize! Please let us know so we can update and correct the information.

 Look what we accomplished together!

  • 16 is the number of units of blood we donated.
  • 4 is the number of B’nai Mitzvah project we showcased.
  • $350 is the amount our youth group raised for Camp Jenny with their car wash.
  • 35 is the number of fresh challah that we made/baked to go in this week’s food closet bags.
  • 12 is the number of fleece blankets that we made for the Sylvester Cancer Center.
  • 138 is the number of Hope Totes (toiletries) we collected/made/donated to Broward Outreach and the St. Laurence Chapel Homeless Day Shelter.
  • Many (we don’t have the exact number) is the number of full-sized toiletries and sanitary items we collected/donated to the JFS Domestic Abuse program.
  • 1 is the number of blankets that we knitted for Family Central.
  • 36 is the number of letters we wrote to American and Israeli Soldiers.
  • 11 is the number of bags of adult clothing that we donated and sorted for LifeNet4Families.
  • 2 is the number of bags of children’s clothing that we donated to JAFCO.
  • 20 is the approximate number of Park Summit residents that we entertained and talked with to learn more about them.
  • Too numerous to count is the amount of recyclable plastic caps that we collected/sorted and donated to Caps of Love.
  • 36 is the number of bags that we filled for the Rabbi Gross Food Closet.
  • 289 is the number of sandwiches that we made for the St. Laurence Chapel Homeless Day Shelter and Broward Outreach.
  • 100+ is the number of thank you cards we made for Coral Springs First Responders.
  • 41 is the number of TBO prayer books we repaired.
  • 4 is the number of people that took our yoga class and raised $60 for the Rabbi Gross Food Closet.
  • 6 is the number of new people who registered to be organ donors.
  • 50+ is the number of new plants we planted on the north side of TBO.
  • 70+ is the number of bags of mulch we put down on the north side of TBO.
  • $43 is the amount we raised to buy bed nets to help prevent malaria in sub-Saharan African countries.
  • 116 and 138 are the numbers of pairs of boys’/girls’ underwear and socks we collected/donated to JAFCO.
  • We planted a garden in the ECC.
  • We collected toys and made get well cards for patients at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.
  • We made Passover cards for Holocaust survivors.
  • We collected supplies for the Sawgrass Nature Center.

To see photos from Mitzvah Day, click here: